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How Quality Rated Works

Empowered from PSAAny child care program participating in Georgia’s Quality Rated has agreed to meet standards that exceed the state’s licensing requirements and is committed to improving the quality of care it provides to children.  Based on the results of a rigorous application process, programs are awarded one star, two stars, or three stars. A star rating – regardless if it is one, two or three stars – indicates a higher quality program. Stars are awarded based on a combination of points gathered from an independent observation and a portfolio that demonstrates that the program meets standards above and beyond what licensing requires. The number of stars simply reflects scores above certain levels. The Quality Rated system was designed so that any parent selecting a program participating in Quality Rated can feel confident that they are enrolling their child in a program that is committed to continuous quality improvement and higher quality standards.

What Every Family Should Know About Quality Rated

This guide for families will answer many of your Quality Rated questions.  Click on the button below to download.

A Family Guide To Understanding Quality Rated Stars

This guide for families will explain how the ratings are determined.  Click on the button below to download.